Monthly Archives: June 2012

more construction…

So this has been the coolest discovery so far.  What you see here (besides Conor’s cheesy ass) is the wall behind the bar.  Behind this wall is the kitchen.  My original plan was to poke a whole through this wall creating a window allowing view into the kitchen.  Well it just so happens we found the original window to the house.  Guess it was meant to be!

This is the side of the building.  What to do here????  Maybe a mural of some sort?  Trying to figure this out; leave your suggestions…

Looking under the floors…


Step 3: construction


Day one of construction and WOW is there A LOT to do.  We started peeling back walls and floors to see what was underneath.  The space was once an old house that was added onto and then added onto and once again added onto.

Good news!  Behind this wall we found white brick that we plan on leaving exposed.  We want to restore as much as the old house as possible for a rustic feel.

Step 2: forming the LLC

Buttermilk Kitchen LLC now formed in the state of Georgia…

Step 1: purchasing the space

Today we made it official!  Here is Suzanne signing closing documents at the bank.