choosing a logo

Here are some logo options that I am trying to decide on.  I think I am leaning towards the first one but please leave your comments and suggestions…

number one

number two

number three


19 thoughts on “choosing a logo

  1. christen haussig says:

    The third gets my vote,but maybe not as “crisp ” of lines. Maybe more chalkboard looking. With a more old country feel.

  2. Fern says:

    I like #2

  3. craig relyea says:

    I like number 1 the best!

  4. mark says:

    prefer number 1.number three the bottle looks like the torso of a pig and I’ve had enough references to bacon this,bacon that to last a lifetime.Number 1

  5. Mom says:

    I think Christen is right about a more homey feel for # 3. I do like number #1 though,but the bottle needs to have a lip like a real old-fashioned milk bottle. Just needs some refining. I love it! Between 1 and 3.

  6. Two is my fave, followed by three then one.

  7. Reblogged this on Life Skills and commented:
    My friend Suzanne is opening a second restaurant in Atlanta. It’s logo decision time!

  8. Christy says:

    #1 rules

  9. Karin says:

    I like number 1 the best. I like the font and the use of the bottle. My only concern would be how long it is and how that will work on your signage, etc.
    Number 3 is my second favorite. I wonder what the font from number 1 would look like inside the bottle like that.

  10. Broderick says:

    I really like the typography in #3. You could probably add a little milk in there if you wanted to give it a more homey feel

  11. Donna Polk says:

    I like #1

  12. Katie says:

    I love #3! I can the t-shirts now!

  13. Sandra key says:

    Tbe third one make the outlines thicker and scrape off to look old

  14. Sandra Crooks (I teach with your mom at RTMS) says:

    I like #1 because I like the use of three colors and the jug between the two words. I think combining #1 and #2 would be the best. The like the lettering on one but it needs to be bolder and thicker (or more like #2). Incorporation the *s from #2 would give one a bit more pop of color.

  15. Kelvin Moore says:


  16. Maria Purwin says:

    I like number 1. The font is strong, but whimsical, and I like the graphic design of the bottle with the touch of yellow. I think it would translate well on menus, t shirts, etc. It makes for excellent branding.

  17. kendra knuth says:

    I am here with my friend Kendra and she votes for number #1

  18. Mom says:

    Hi Ya’ll,
    I spoke to a friend of mine who is British and you know how classy they are — well, she suggested a cow as the logo or somewhere as part of the logo or as the mascot because many times cows are named Buttercup or Buttermilk. You could have a ring of buttercups (the flower) around her neck! I think it is so cute. Something to think about.;….

  19. peter/chia says:

    I like #1 as well. It made me feel like to know more about the product.

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