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milk crates

we found these old milk crates buried underneath the kitchen floor today.  They have been there for at least 10 years!  It was like it was destined to be Buttermilk Kitchen!  We will clean them up and use as decor of course…


up-cycled decor…

had a great meeting with Jason Dominy from Batdorf and Bronson Coffee today.  We will proudly serve their coffee at Buttermilk Kitchen.  We bought these coffee bags from Jason and are going to use them to make our pillows and curtains.  All of the proceeds from the bags will go to an organization called coffee kids that helps improve the liveliness of coffee farming families.  Now we just need a Seamstress…

coffee bags

what we want to create

john dunn comes to paint


local artist John Dunn came by today and gave us a paint job…

starting the fried chicken dinner menu wall

our pimento cheese plate drawn by pastry chef Mike Sutton

final product! This only took him 30 minutes!

sketching the mural

bringing it to life






volunteer day

a big thank you to everyone who came out today!  We got a lot accomplished and are so grateful to have your support.

painting kitchen door barn red

painting shutters for shutter ceiling

painted shutters on the ceiling

painting tables

painting farm windows

menu sneak peak

We are working with Queens of Design out of New York for our menu design.  Here is a sneak peak of what we have so far…




volunteer day!

We need your help this weekend!!!!  There is a lot left to do and we are only 1 month out from our opening.  This weekend (August 18th and 19th) we need volunteers to help us paint, move, basically all types of manual labor imaginable.  If you are willing please come out on Saturday from 11-3pm or Sunday 1-5pm or both.  We promise to pay you in yummy food for your hard work.  If you need more details please email us at

Let’s build Buttermilk together!

we want your southern dessert recipes….

Buttermilk Kitchen will host a weekly 4 course fried chicken dinner every Tuesday night starting in October.  Each week the offerings will change.  The 4th course will feature 2 desserts that the diner can choose from and we want you to be involved.  Send us your best southern dessert recipes, we will test them out and the one’s we find tastiest will end up one of the menus,with your name next to it of course!

send your recipes to and please put “fried chicken dessert” as the subject line.

Thanks mom for the wonderful idea; I love you!

building the bar

beginning construction of the bar

I like my kitchens open…

NEEDED pastry chef and front of the house manager

We are looking for passionate, energetic people to apply for our head pastry chef and front of the house manager position.  At least 2 years restaurant experience is required.  All serious inquires please submit resume at