Monthly Archives: September 2012

Important Dates….

We are working hard to get our doors open.  As of now we are set to open on Monday October 8th and we look forward to serving you all!  Please come see us and please look at the blog for any updates.

Dad’s Waffle-grass fed medium rare burger, sourdough waffle, house butter, maple syrup



We got our hands on something pretty incredible today!  A whole wheat starter that is 104 years old!!!!  Starters are a combination of flour, water and typically grapes that ferment overtime creating yeast.  These starters are used to make different breads and sourdoughs.  Some starters have been in generations for years (think friendship bread), and if you are lucky enough to have one shared with you then you’re in for a treat.   At Buttermilk Kitchen we will feature a sourdough waffle using this 104 year old starter that we hope to keep alive for another 104 years and share it with our customers…