Please Join Buttermilk Kitchen Support Miller Artisan Sodas!



Buttermilk Kitchen is proudly supporting Miller Artisan Sodas by donating all profits from sale of Root Beer floats from Wednesday, April 3rd through Tuesday, April 30th back to Miller Artisan Sodas as they grow their business. Please encourage the community well-being and rally around Jeremy Miller’s business to flourish. Come in and enjoy a root beer float today!


Root Beer Floats ~ Miller Artisan all natural root beer poured over 2 scoops of Honey Suckle Vanilla Gelato


Millers Artisan Sodas: A native Georgian, Jeremy Miller grew up around great smells and home comfort.  As the second child in a family of six, home meals were cooked everyday as a way to enjoy family time and food.  Once he completed high school in Augusta, GA, Jeremy moved to Atlanta to study Culinary Arts at the Art institute of Atlanta.  He fell in love with cooking.  12 years later, on the heels of cooking around the United States and traveling to Europe and Southeast Asia, Jeremy found his way back to Atlanta and found another love, Cara.  Soon after marrying his high school sweetheart, they became pregnant with their first born, Caroline.  During the pregnancy, her morning sickness disabled her making it so she was unable to work.  Jeremy spent much time thinking of ways to cure the morning sickness, and created a homemade ginger ale.  Cara loved it, and swears to this day that it truly improved her life!  Subsequently, Jeremy experimented with other spices and herbs to formulate other flavors.  Kola Nut, Cinchona Bark, Cassia Buds, Wintergreen, and Sassafras are just a few of the unique spices that have been used in their amazing creations.  All sodas are handmade, never concentrated to mass produce syrup, and are hand bottled in Atlanta.  They hope their products improve your life and perception of sodas as it did for their family!



One thought on “Please Join Buttermilk Kitchen Support Miller Artisan Sodas!

  1. Regina says:

    These sodas sound so delicious. Wish we could be there to share in the experience.

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