Check Out What Atlanta Eats is Saying About Buttermilk Kitchen

Check Out What Atlanta Eats is Saying About Buttermilk Kitchen

Preview Buttermilk Kitchen Episode on Atlanta Eats Here


Published on Aug 7, 2013

It doesn’t get more local than Brookhaven’s Buttermilk Kitchen — owner/chef, Suzanne Vizethan makes her own buttermilk. In the kitchen. And then she makes the most delicious pancakes with the buttermilk she makes in the kitchen. Seriously, it could get like a Doctor Seuss book.

Whether you’re craving a quick lunch or a hearty breakfast, this place has what you want, and none of it comes from a can. The closest that Chef Suzanne comes to prepacked food is when she uses Emily G’s apple pie jam on the flavor bonanza that is the BMK Eggs Benedict.

If you watch the video you’ll hear shout outs for local purveyors, Emily G’s Jam, Spotted Trotter Meats, and Split Cedar Farm. And sure, you could get a giant breakfast plate at IHOP, but when you buy at Buttermilk Kitchen you’re supporting a local economy, and keeping at least three other local companies in business — doesn’t that make you feel good?


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